With a view to meet the demand of trained teachers and to facilitate the higher training to the fresh graduate, working graduate and post graduate teachers and also spreading light to higher education to the doors of the locality of greater Boko, a heartland of conglomerated culture of drivers tribes and ethnic groups, a public meeting was call with some intellectuals, educationist and conscious people of the greater area on 31-05-1998 at the BOKO HIGH SCHOOL premises. In that meeting a unanimous resolution was taken to set up a B. Ed. College at BOKO and accordingly a sponsoring body was formed to run the college with Sri Kati Ram Rabha (Freedom fighter) as the president and Dr. Ganeswar Saharia as the secretary. With bold step of the committee the college started its admission from the next academic session in 1999-2000, after getting the opening permission from the university of Guwahati on 13-10-1999. In the year 2004 the college got its NCTE recognition vide order no. ERC/7-51(ER-51.7.2)/2004/3584 with an intake capacity of 100 students. The college is also affiliated to Guwahati University vide its letter No. GU/Aff/2006/50 dated 08-04-2006.

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